Gambling Domains Sales History

Browse the most recent gambling domains sales history and find out the current market value for poker, sportsbetting, casino, and gaming domains. GamblingSales provides up-to-date sales information for gambling domains. Several private domain sales go unreported and some are subject to non-disclosure agreement; the table below shows the highest public sales records for the past 2 months.

Premium domains go up in value every year and most of these domains are not even available for purchase right now; the reason could be that they are owned by a large casino, a global gaming company or simply because the owner is not interested in selling. To acquire a single-word domain like you would need a 7-figure budget at the very least. All the sales reported on GamblingSales are for domains only; no website is included on the sale. For established sites the price will depend on many factors like revenue, number of visitors, intellectual property and brand recognition.

High-quality domain names represent a good investment because they get natural visitors from type-in and search engines, are easy to remember, pass the radio test, can be developed into sites, earn affiliate commissions or are sold for a profit. It's never too late to invest in gambling domains but before you make an offer on a premium brand make sure to check our monthly sales report to get a hold of the market prices. If you are looking to sell your domain instead, you can use this information as a guide to set a fair price on your domain and maximize your revenue.

Top Gambling Domain Sales on June 2017Top Gambling Domain Sales on July 2017
Domain NameSold PriceSource Domain NameSold PriceSource$20,000sedo$400,000dnjournal$15,000sedo$10,900dnjournal$8,000sedo$10,000pvt sale$5,586sedo$9,999sedo$5,096sedo$7,200sedo$4,999sedo$7,000sedo$4,750sedo$5,250sedo$4,520dnjournal$4,800dnjournal$4,025sedo$3,600dnjournal$4,000dnjournal$3,100afternic$3,700sedo$3,080sedo$3,700afternic$2,725dnjournal$3,600pvt sale$2,600pvt sale$2,825dnjournal$2,288afternic$2,750dnjournal$2,000sedo$2,560pvt sale$2,000sedo$2,500dnjournal$1,716pvt sale$2,450sedo$1,710pvt sale$2,400sedo$1,500pvt sale$2,250afternic$1,500pvt sale